Hey Friend!

It’s me, Shawn.

Oregon girl. Mom and Wife. Teacher.

Photographer for twenty-five years.


I’m an observer at heart. This doesn’t mean that I don’t do.

It means that, as I do, I’m taking everything in.

I notice the details, the tiny nuances of the scene around me. 

The sound, the smell, the light. Imprints. 


I’d love for you to see yourself, your family, the way I see you.


I use natural light. It is how I see best.

I love to shoot in the evening when light is at its moodiest,

or just as dawn is breaking - the brand new day full of possibility…


My session packages are all-inclusive.

It is so important to me that, when you have walked away from our time together-

after the session where you’ll be the center of the attention of my lens,

after my careful processing of your very best moments, 

after you see and smile-

you won’t end up with only a piece of plastic to be lost in a drawer.

You will have this this memory in print.


My pricing is simple.


Send a message to ask questions or to book a session...